ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

This technology is gaining popularity in security and traffic installations. The technology concept assumes that all vehicles already have the identity displayed (the plate!) so no additional transmitter or responder is required to be installed on the car.


The system uses illumination (such as Infra-red) and a camera to take the image of the front or rear of the vehicle, then an image-processing software analyses the images and extracts the plate information. This data is used for enforcement, data collection, and (as in the access-control system featured above) can be used to open a gate if the car is authorized or keep a time record on the entry or exit for automatic payment calculations.


The LPR system significant advantage is that the system can keep an image record of the vehicle which is useful in order to fight crime and fraud (“an image is worth a thousand words”). An additional camera can focus on the driver face and save the image for security reasons. Additionally, this technology does not need any installation per car (such as in all the other technologies that require a transmitter added on each car or carried by the driver). 


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is no longer the preserve of the police and high security sites, but is now available to any small or medium size business with a need to monitor or control vehicle movements.


Ideal for car parks, industrial estates, site entrances, hotels, golf clubs, leisure centres, hospitals, waste management sites, clubs, pubs and more.