Asset Tagging

Platinum Security can supply and install any Security Tagging product to suit small, medium and large installations providing uncompromising security. From the simplest single antenna system to a highly sophisticated multi-antenna system, Platinum Security can meet your needs.
  • Reduce Shoplifting
  • A visible deterrent to all customers
  • Increase your profitability
  • Creating a more pleasant shopping environment for your customers

We have a range of pedestal designs to compliment all types of retail environment; a tagging system from Platinum Security will deter thieves without offending genuine customers. Every different retail operation has its own security needs, depending on a number of different elements including store layout, the type of products being sold and the ways that they are displayed.

assett tag

We are happy to survey your premises “FREE of charge” and design the security solution that is right for you: both in terms of budget and security needs.

For a successful in-store security solution, you need good product protection tags and the right antennas to detect them; as well as efficient deactivators or detachers and software that allow you to monitor the entire system. Using both hard tags and labels, you will be able to protect your merchandise without damage.

Their attractive design and outstanding digital technology make our range of Tags the most popular solution on the market for retail security needs. Our Tags are strong, well designed and robust enough for the most demanding of retail environments. From clothing to footwear, our complete range offers total security. High-quality labels are the key to effective product control. Checkpoint produces over four billion RF (Radio Frequency) labels every year, a label for every imaginable product.

This deactivator can be mounted within 90 cm of an antenna. Use with deactivation pads or epos linked scan deactivators. RF-protected products need to be efficiently and quickly deactivated at point of sale. Checkpoint has been working to perfect deactivation solutions that keep customer flow at checkout moving.

Lanyards are designed to be easily attached to a Bottle top, without damaging the product in any way. Supplied with quick cords, theses Lanyards provide an ideal deterrent. There are many Savers available to protect valuable items such as DVD’s, CD’s, Batteries, Jewellery etc.

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