Platinum Security are proud to announce the release of a Body Worn Camera/Recorder for commercial use. Compact, lightweight, durable and simple to use, our Body Worn Camera is a compact, wire-free full High Definition (HD) video recorder.

Activated by a single flick of a shutter and boasting no wires, buttons, nor screens, it offers simplicity when you need it most. A fully integrated rotating  Police Dock to angle the camera up/down/left or right and widescreen 101 degree  angle lens allows for optimum footage capture.

Whether you are tall or small,  this will record everything you see in HD 720P.


Features include:

• An internal non-removable battery for complete footage integrity
• A tamperproof  camera serial number stamped on each frame
• Indelibly marked as a recording  device with clear CCTV signage
• No buttons to hamper the user
• No wires  to hamper the user
• No screens to antagonise the public
• 720p HD Full Colour Recording at 30 frames per second
• Widescreen 101 degree angle  lens
• Over 5 hours recording time
• Internal, non-removable battery
• Internal, non-removable 16GB SD Memory Card
• Crystal Clear, optimised sound  quality
• Tamperproof GMT Time and Date Stamp in UK format
• Enhanced Low Light Capability
• Unique Camera Serial Number on each frame
• Visible  Indicator for Low Battery/Memory

Case study Bradford Police Patrols to use Body Worn Video Cameras

Bradford, Bowling and Barkerend Neighbourhood Policing Teams have been using Body Worn Video Cameras paid for by Bradford Community Housing Association Accent Housing. These policing teams have now introduced Body Worn Video Cameras to assist with their patrols. These will enable officers to record evidence as and when an incident occurs.

Inspector Andy Gallant has said “West Yorkshire Police recognises the benefits of Body Worn cameras and has been utilising a similar product for “blue light.” This is different because it is being used by conventional neighbourhood policing officers going out into the local community and not necessarily responding to incidents. It is a first for the district.” This district introduced Body Worn Cameras to help reduce anti social behaviour and to reassure  the public that by capturing and recording evidence it would reduce levels of  disruption in the area. Within hours of the cameras being introduced they were  used in a drugs warrant. The Body Worn Cameras allowed the officers to capture  real time evidence which they could play in court.

Inspector Gallant has also  stated that, “they are a deterrent because they are there and take away the  opportunity to offend.” Studies have found that when officers were using Body  Worn Cameras that are clearly marked with CCTV on them it diffused the situation  once the individual was aware they were being recorded. It not only has diffused  many situations, it has also increased the number of guilty pleas by up to 80%  when the offender became aware of the video evidence.

Accent’s Anti-social  Behaviour Officer Tim Bamber said: “We are committed to making a difference in  the communities we work in and we are confident that the new CCTV equipment we  have provided will do just that by helping to prevent and tackle anti-social  behaviour and improve our residents’ homes and lives in the process.”