Covert Surviellance

Now you can investigate your own suspicions with ease! The wireless technology means there are no wires to conceal, keeping installation to an absolute minimum!

     – Would you like to know what’s happening in your absence?

     – Would you like to know what’s being said on the telephone in your absence?

     – Do you want to retrieve deleted text messages on a partner’s mobile phone?

     – Do you want to record confidentccccvbbddddd bgfccttial meetings undetected?

     – Would you like to dial in from anywhere in the world and listen to a conversation, covertly?

Covert Surveillance Discreet observation is sometimes necessary and is often seen as a last option when attempting to stop pilfering from the inside. Providing clear, high quality colour images, covert cameras can be installed in the home or workplace, internally or externally, to monitor valuable property and people.

Our covert CCTV camera range are available in covert Pin Hole, Covert Smoke Detectors, Covert PIR’s and wire free with video transmission.

Dial in from anywhere in the world and monitor your CCTV Cameras with Audio remotely!

  • Smoke Detector with covert pin hole CCTV Camera & Audio
  • PIR Intruder Alarm Sensor with covert pin hole CCTV Camera & Audio
  • Covert Telephone Transmitters (Air Band) & Receiver
  • Covert Telephone Recording Equipment
  • Body Worn covert Camera with Audio

Why not request a copy of our Spy Equipment Catalogue full of high- tech Covert products

We offer a complete Covert Surveillance solution for the home & business. Due to the delicate nature of Covert Surveillance, please complete our contact us form located at the top of the page. Once we have received your enquiry, one of our Directors will contact you to discuss your requirement in more detail. All information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with a third party under any circumstances.

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