Multi-Room Audio Systems

Sonos plays it all. Music from your personal library stored on your computer. More than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. And music services that let you stream and download their vast collections of songs from the Internet to the rooms of your choice. Sonos gives you the freedom to listen to whatever you want, wherever you want.

Play a classical album from your music library in the kitchen and the living room. Wake up to a local radio station in your bedroom or use an online music service to create a custom radio station to play all over the house. Whatever you’re into, rock or rap, interviews or instrumentals, Sonos gives you instant and endless music gratification!


If you have a hard drive or NAS already filled with digital music or a CD collection just begging to be digitized, you’re in luck. That’s because Sonos liberates all that music from your computer so you can enjoy it in every room. Sonos supports all the most popular audio formats, including MP3s and iTunes®. And we make it easy to play music from other audio sources, like an iPod® or CD player.

Sonos lets you tune in to more than 100,000 radio stations, shows and podcasts in every room of your house. Free of charge. The Radio guide lets you browse endlessly for both local and international stations or you can use Search to find a specific station. When you find what you love, add it to Favourites for your future listening pleasure. Don’t have any digital music on your computer or just want more of it? Not to worry. Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular music services for computer-free access to millions of songs and stations with no ripping or downloading required.

Dock anywhere. Play everywhere. Charge anytime. That’s why the Sonos Wireless Dock is the perfect accessory for your Sonos system. Now you can wirelessly play all the music that’s stored or playing on an iPod® or iPhone® in all the rooms where you have Sonos. And because it’s wireless, you can dock and charge wherever it’s most convenient and still enjoy the music all over the house. Best of all, the Sonos Wireless Dock delivers the highest fidelity audio quality by playing the digital music stored on your iPod or iPhone without ever converting it to analogue like most conventional docks.

Wireless that works like magic. Sonos takes wireless to a whole new level. Our mesh network technology provides whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference. Which means the music gets to all the right rooms – near or far at exactly the right time

The key to designing a music system that plays music all over the house is having a wireless network that works all over the house. That’s why Sonos created a wireless mesh network called SonosNet to deliver the range and performance required of a multi-room music system. When you need to stream music wirelessly, the network you use really matters. When a network is overloaded or stretched to its limits, you hear echoes and delays from room to room, and your Internet speed can be sluggish. Not so with Sonos.

Sonos chose a mesh network because a traditional network with a central hub relaying all the traffic didn’t provide the house-wide coverage we wanted. What’s more, access point networks were plagued by performance issues. SonosNet changes all that – providing the extensive range and superior performance you need to enjoy music in every room without requiring a massive wiring remodel

The reason Sonos works so flawlessly all over the house is because we designed a complete multi-room music system from the ground up, one that’s as expandable as you’d like. And we made sure it all works together seamlessly and wirelessly. Which is why you can play the same song in every room with perfect synchronicity or simultaneously play different songs in different rooms. Of course, how many rooms of music you have is up to you – start with one or fill the entire house by adding ZonePlayers wirelessly. That same spirit of flexibility applies to our Controllers. Use one or many to play your music.

That’s the joy of multi-room music with Sonos.


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