Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are an essential part of life in nursing and residential homes. Residents are able to call staff quickly and efficiently and are assured that assistance is just a button-press away. There are several types of call systems that can be used:


Conventional – A standard Nurse Call allows residents to call staff through hardwired call buttons with pull cords, emergency push buttons or emergency pull cords. Staff are notified, identifying the type and location of the call. Installation of this system is easy and quick.


 Radio –. A wireless system offers all the functions of a conventional wired system, but with no wiring there is almost no disruption to the premises. Can easily be added to or repositioned without affecting the operation of the system.


Addressable – This type of Nurse Call is tailored to suit your facilities’ specific requirements. Different day/night or call divert arrangements can be set to suit your needs.


Residential Medical Alert  –. We can install a Telephone PA Receiver within your home and provide a Neck Pendant or Wrist Watch PA Button. Should urgent assistance be required by the home owner, upon a press of the Wireless Remote PA Button a call will be made to friends and family.

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