PA Audio Systems

Tannoy systems or public address systems are a superb way to communicate important messages to masses of people all at the same time. These systems are particularly effective when used in a place of work to track down an employee who can’t be found or for the Tannoy or public address system to be combined with a music system to help boost employee morale which in turn may increase productivity.Within companies that do not have public address systems or a Tannoy system their employees spend hours wandering around buildings looking for people or trying to find them via the internal telephone system. 

A basic system would comprise of an amplifier with a microphone plugged into it with some loudspeakers connected via a two core cable. Sounds simple doesn’t it? In reality there are a lot more considerations to be made and in order to ensure that the system you install, or have installed, meets your needs then we really recommend you contact Platinum Security. They can also be linked to your telephone system to make it a really flexible solution to your communication needs; these are often referred to as telephone tannoy systems.