Introducing the future of personal protection

Our GPS Bracelets are specifically designed to support lone workers and promote independent active living for people with disabilities.


At the press of an SOS button it will open a 2 way call with our central station operative. They will immediately contact a family member, company or carer and alert them of assistance required and even provide a GPS location of the person. The waterproof GPS Watch has a secure child proof wrist band, long operation times and wireless charging (charge whilst wearing overnight), designed for constant use.


Using the passwords provided you will have the ability to track/locate the Device or even send text messages to be displayed, using an internet connection.

Lone Worker & Personal SOS Protection

Our GPS Bracelet is a unique lone worker or personal protection system centrally operated on a world-class platform using a purpose designed wrist top device.


Not only waterproof, but lightweight and can be charged while in use. It is a vital tool for the lone worker or a person with disabilities. At the press of the SOS button, not only can our central station communicate  2 way with the wearer, but also track their exact location via GPS and alert loved ones, carer or a company.


Features & functionalities include:

  • Live Tracking to locate Wearer
  • Geo-positioning via the Assisted GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof, shock resistant & Child Proof Bracelet
  • Menu button to activate display for menu/device status
  • SOS Indoor/outdoor Emergency button
  • Excellent 2-way GSM communication via the hands free
  • Messages can be sent to display upon Bracelet
  • Charging whilst still worn and operational

Home Care Medical Assistance SOS

Our Home Care GPS Bracelet comes complete with a charge base station. Installed in minutes it instantly connects to the remote, secured Lyra servers for instant monitoring. The Vega system provides medical assistance at the press of a button from trained staff. Our central station will be alerted the minute someone leaves a pre-defined area allowing loved ones to quickly attend their location.


Once installed, Lyra offers full flexibility to add, change or move telecare devices, sensors, and other equipment with its intuitive PRESS & PLAY feature. It is easy for any member of staff to add new devices at any time. No local PC or server is installed, everything works out of the box.


By having interoperability with building control, fire alarms, passage control, elopement prevention, and other systems, parallel investments can be avoided.