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Platinum Security offer a range of Safes from budget Domestic through to Euro Grade Fire Rated and AIS Approved. We will deliver and install the Safe in your chosen location within our quote. We can offer a budget Security Safe for the home or office, small or large. Choose from a great range of budget brands including Chubbsafes, De Raat Security, Keyguard, Phoenix Safes and Sentry Safe.

For those who require only the highest levels of security for the home or business then Eurograde Tested Safes are the answer. Insurance approved VDS rated security safes with cash ratings from £6000 to £150,000. Eurograde safes are tested to the European wide security standard EN-1143-1 and are recommended by all leading insurers for the ultimate security from burglary. Choose from Burton Eurovault, Chubbsafes Duogard, Proguard and Trident as well as Eurograde safes by Phoenix. All with Free ground floor delivery on the GB mainland and an optional insurance approved professional installation service.

Eurograde Safe
As it is difficult sometimes to rest assured that you have provided your valuables with the maximum level of security, Eurograde safes give you an extra feature for further confidence, meaning that when you buy a Eurograde safe, your valuables will be insured up to a certain level, and insurance companies will commit themselves to pay in case there is any damage.They come in various sizes and their interior structure differs according to their brand, in terms of the type of objects they are designed for; for instance, many comprise special compartments for storing money, documents, keys, computer data etc.

These safes are graded progressively from Eurograde 0 to Eurograde 5 in concordance with the level of protection they provide, Eurograde 5 being the highest rated. It’s true that they are quite expensive, but after all, this type of security is at this moment in time unbeatable and peace of mind is priceless.

Eurograde safes offer that little extra security and peace of mind, as Eurograde standards ensure that most leading insurance companies will cover for losses to the given grade of the safe.

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Security Safes for the home
Safes are used to protect a variety of things, from cash and cheque books, to jewelry, keys and documents, including property deeds and Wills. We also supply gun safes and gun cabinets as well as an extensive range of fire resistant safes to store paper or data files. Security safes offer the best protection for your valuables and we are proud to be the country’s leading supplier of high security safes. Safes are graded according to their ‘cash rating’. This is the maximum cash amount that insurance companies will cover in the event of a burglary. If other items, such as jewelry are kept in the safe, insurance companies will generally offer ten times the cash rating. For example, safes or security safes with a cash rating of £6,000 will usually be covered for £60,000 worth of jewelry, but only £6,000 in cash – but make sure you check the details of your policy with your insurance company

Key Safes
Key Safes can be supplied from a single key to open or a code lock installed, fixed to the wall or portable. We offer the Keysecure which is a deep key cabinet that has both an automatic self closing device married with a slam shut mechanical digital lock, which is ideal for the garage trade and car rental market.

The Self closer ensures that the Key cabinet is never left open. Spare outdoor key safes are the solution for both the Elderly and infirm who require home visits by carers and also for Holiday home rentals where the owner is not on site.


Gun Cabinets
Our competitively priced gun cabinets, shotgun cabinets and gun safes meet the necessary British standards for police approval. Our gun cabinets provide extremely secure storage of your firearms without breaking the bank. They come in different shapes and sizes, catering for the single-gun holder as well collectors. Whatever type of gun you own, gun cabinets are imperative – not just to keep the weapon away from harm’s reach, but also to keep you on the right side of the law.