Vehicle Tracker

Not only will you be able to locate in real time your chosen vehicles but you can also retrieve various reports included speed. Multiple vehicles can be displayed upon the UK map at any one time. You simply log into your vehicles via our Webpage and view all vehicles in real time.


Get Monitored in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Simply call us on

01708 733264

and request a Tracker be installed within your vehicle(s).

Step 2

Choose from the dates we provide you for our mobile installer to attend your premises and install the Vehicle Trackers. Installation takes approximately 2 hours per vehicle.

Step 3

Once installed you will immediately be able to log into your Vehicle Tracker(s) and view your vehicle(s). Track in real time using a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using the free App.

What does it cost?

              Purchase of Tracker:        £130.00  

              Mobile Installation from:  £70.00

              Monthly Monitoring Fee:  £15.00

All prices are + VAT

Benefits to Business Users are:


  • Monitor drivers speeds
  • Pinpoint a drivers location in real time
  • Play Back previous journeys
  • Know how much time drivers are spending idling in traffic
  • See which driver is closest to the next call
  • Identify the most profitable and time-efficient routes
  • Save on fuel, phone calls and overtime
  • Stop dishonest drivers from misusing company time
  • Deliver a more efficient and responsive customer service
  • Track your vehicles online or via your mobile phone over 3G
  • Monitor the ignition ON or OFF


No contract, broadband or dial up connection

“It’s real-time, and the difference that makes is exciting”

There are many ways to track vehicles and the Platinum Tracker works the way you need it. Tracking information can be downloaded and presented in the format most appropriate to your needs, maybe on the supplied maps or a detailed report of the vehicle usage, the current location of a vehicle or the vehicle nearest a given point. In some instances a mobile phone call is required in absolute real time perhaps to direct a vehicle, provide security information or advise an interested party.

tracker screen 1
tracker screen 2

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