Barrier Automation

Vehicle access control to parking areas and site entrances is achieved effectively with automatic barriers. Our barriers range from the short boom, rapid, 3 metre model which lifts/lowers in 3 seconds (usually used in multi-storey car parks), to the long boom, slower, 12 metre heavy industrial barriers (which are more suitable for level crossings and large lorry parks). The most common are the 4 metre fast barrier and the 6 metre Normal barrier both giving heavy duty rating.

The booms are extruded aluminium and range from 2 metres up to 12 metres long depending on the barrier chosen. Articulated booms are available where a height limit is required. Bottom skirts and signs can be fitted to the boom to make them more prominent and to prevent pedestrians walking underneath. All our barriers come complete with an electronic control panel to integrate with access control systems and safety devices.

These  items are typically installed upon a Barrier System

Barrier Boom

The Boom Arm is available in various lengths and can be illuminated and completed with an Apron to prevent unauthorised ducking under

barrier box.jpg
Boom Operator

This stand contains all of the components required to raise and lower the Barrier, including the Barrier Controller Module

RF Remote Fob(s)

These Remotes are used to send an Open command to the Barrier/Gate Automation, and can be linked to multiple systems

faac gate.jpg
Safety Photocells

These Safety Photocells are used to prevent a Barrier or Gate Automation operating when obstructed, typically by a vehicle or pedestrian

FAAC SAfety Edge.PNG
Safety Edges

These Edges are mounted to the moving edges to prevent a Barrier or Gate  from operating upon detection of an object, such as a Pedestrian

RF Remote Fob(s)

These Remotes are used to send an Open command to the Barrier/Gate Automation, and can be linked to multiple systems

faac sign 1.png
Warning Signage

Platinum Security mount suitable Warning Signage upon each Barrier & Gate Automation System. 

Ground Loop 1.jpg
Ground Loop

As a vehicle passes over the Ground Loop, the Barrier or Vehicle Gate will open to allow free exit from the premises 

faac con.jpg

The Controller is the Brain of the System. All Safety Devices, Ground Loop and Operators are connected to a programable Controller

Video Intercom.png
Intercom System

This allows for communication between the Barrier or Vehicle Gates and the main Premises

Access Keypad

This allows for users to enter a Code, which in turn will raise the Barrier or open a Vehicle Gate

Faac light.PNG
LED Flashing Light(s)

LED Flashing Lights give a visual indication when the Automated Barrier or Gate(s) are in operation

Receive calls from your Video Intercom, communicate with the caller and open your vehicle gates, from anywhere in the world using a Smartphone App

Video Intercom.png
comelit app.PNG

This is a recent installation incorporating an illuminated Stand and 8m Boom with Prox Card Intercom access

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