Access Control

Access control systems play a vital role in preventing unauthorised entry by pedestrian or vehicular traffic and may be easily controlled by programmable cards or key fobs. Access control is a valuable management tool in controlling and monitoring the movement of staff within large buildings. They allow authorised access to areas of the building and deny access to those who have no need or right to be there. Our access control systems are designed to be intuitive to use, and all but the most complex functions can be performed easily and without training.

There are 4 types of Access Control



Mechanical DigiLocks are are very low cost means of controlling access into a restricted area.


Access is by entering a 4-6 DIgit Code.

Stand Alone

Stand Alone Access Control Systems are self contained and do not require connection back to a PC.


Access is granted by entering a 4 digit Code or presenting a Prox-Fob. All programming is usually carried out at the Keyboard or Reader and Proximity Cards or Fobs are handed to each User. 

PC Based

All access controlled Doors will be controlled by a Door Controller upon which Biometric, Proximity Cards or Fob Readers are connected. Each Controller will be networked back to a PC which stores all Users offer full programming facilities. All programming is therefore carried out using the specially designed Software including adding, deleting Users or historical analysis.

Online / Cloud

cloud server.jpg

All access controlled Doors will be controlled by a Door Controller upon which Biometric, Proximity Cards or Fob Readers are connected. Each Controller will communicate with a Remote Server in oppossed to a local PC on the LAN.  All administration of the system therefore will be carried out off site also by a remote user. 


Our PC Based Access Control software is designed to run on a PC with a Windows 10 or above operating system and was designed to feel immediately familiar to any Windows user. It will organise and report on up to 10,000 users and hundreds of doors at  any given time. Our software contains all of the basic access control features to control access privileges and report on all users. Other features include multiple workstations, TCP/IP camera integration and remote sites using TCP/IP or modems, fire alarm integration, roll call/muster reporting, anti-pass-back and Timesheet.

Each of the Door Control Units are named according to their serial number which is printed on each unit. Control unit names can be changed to something more meaningful such as a room name. Each control unit is configured as required  using our software. Once installed and commissioned, operators must be  added. These are the users that are allowed to use the

There are different permission levels to restrict access to certain features. Each operator must logon to the software using their user name and unique password. Operator logons are also recorded in the events log along with changes  made by User.


Platinum Security are an insurance approved SSAIB accredited installer of CCTV, Alarm and Access Control.


Both NSI and SSIAB are UKAS accredited and therefore only alarm companies belonging to either of these two governing bodies can apply for a Police URN (unique reference number) for Police response.


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